for English members

cosmic:melody's first and foremost priorities are to have fun, make friends and build a close community.
To enable us as a team to do that, we believe that the following simple guidelines need to be kept and maintained by all to make this happen.

  • Respect other members and their privacy
  • Have a Skype and Steam account for team communication
  • NO Racism, NO Sexism, NO homophobia or any other type of bigotry under any circumstances

We would like to stress that the above guidelines apply to both non-members and members. So if for any reason the above guidelines cannot be adhered to we strongly believe that cosmic:melody is not the place for you. We take the above guidelines very seriously as they keep our team positive, friendly, and drama free.

If you have an issue or question that isn't covered by the above guidelines, please get in touch with the team master or one of the team managers.

Please note, that the guidelines are subject to change usually with notice, but will always be done so with the intent of keeping our team positive, friendly, and drama free.



  • お互いに思いやり、チーム内で知り得た個人情報は漏洩しない
  • スカイプとSteamのアカウントを作る
  • 差別は絶対に禁止(人種・宗教・性別差別を含む)